Yoshikazu Namiki x Martin "Heal yourself" For those who want to get healed and get well/ For therapists and healers

Yoshikazu Namiki x Martin "Heal yourself" For those who want to get healed and get well/ For therapists and healers

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Yoshikazu Namiki x Martin "Heal yourself"
For those who want to get healed and get well/ For therapists and healers

Lectures and practices specialized in ”Healing”.  You can understand when the healing can happen and what factors would help healing in accordance with your own body perceptive experiences.  Through energy work with Namiki, you can deeply integrate yourself. Get relaxed both physically and mentally and follow channeling practice using high-dimensional therapeutic energy.  You can also heal your body and mind thanks to Martin's guidance.  Learn how to heal your trauma and experiences, as well as to send the healing to others.  Feel the healing energy transmission from Martin.


Held on Saturday, February 19 ! Yoshikazu Namiki x Martin Jones-“Heal yourself”

Healing works for those who want to get healed and get well , for therapists and healers


 Contents of the day

・ Explanation on the mechanism of how healing (recovery and releasing) occurs

・ What should we do to maintain stable emotions while having pain and illness?
・ What is true relaxation?
・ Let go of fear and anxiety
・ Heal yourself (body and mind, trauma, etc. that the person needs)
・ Send the healing energy to your loved ones
・ Feel the healing energy transmission from Martin Jones
・ Deeply integrate with yourself (experience the whole-self )
• Energy work by Yoshikazu Namiki through dialogue (channeling) with high-dimensional energy (from Japanese gods and Buddha and therapeutic beings)

This program is effective not only for those who want to take care of their body but also for those who want to relieve pains in their heart. Some people are born and raised in harsh environments, or have had a hard experience as an adult.
We recommend this program (lecture and several practices) for those who cannot go beyond because of such pains and traumas, even though the door to the next stage is open.
Yoshikazu Namiki has guided at least 100,000 clients in individual sessions and in workshops. Martin worked as a nurse and has an invisible ability of nature.
Each of them will hold a lecture that will be useful for healers and therapists.
Martin will teach you how to heal yourself and how to send healing energy to others, while Yoshikazu Namiki will teach you how to heal yourself with high-dimensional energy, explaining its essence and methods so that you can practice for your clients as well.

The high-dimensional energy work by Yoshikazu Namiki for this seminar will be based on the healing wisdom by Japanese gods and Buddha. Please watch Mr. Namiki's video for details.


How this collaboration work has come true

Yoshikazu Namiki and Martin haven't talked to each other yet.  However, Namiki has been saying  quite a few times, "Mr. Martin seems wonderful."

Yeah? Martin is not so famous in Japan yet, but …

However, it's not whether he is famous or not.  Rather, Namiki feels the vibrations of a person no matter if he has met him before or not, then he gives his impressions,i.e, how he feels about that person.


 Martin also intuitively agreed to the collaboration, saying "I'm very honored." without any questions to Namiki. This is how this collaboration between the two has come true!



Who is “Medium” Martin Jones?

Martin worked as a nurse before specializing in his spiritual path. The ward he was in charge of was a ward specializing in AIDS and cancer.
Martin recognizes his mother as "a great psychic” herself in the first place. So it must be from his bloodline, but also his experience as a nurse might have helped him to follow a spiritual path.

Martin Jones stands out in the UK as a “Medium”. “Medium” may be an unfamiliar word for Japanese people. He has psychic abilities and he is a healer connecting between the Spiritual world and this world. In England where he was born, a “Medium” often has the ability to be a healer.

* “Medium” may be a difficult concept to understand, but it became widely known in Japan thanks to the American drama "Medium Spiritualist Allison Dubois". The protagonist of this story does exist as real Allison Dubois, the same name as she appears in the drama.
She was also interviewed by TRINITY and has shared how she cooperated in the actual investigation.


Why healing?

Both Yoshikazu Namiki and Martin admit that the energy amplifies more than doubles as synergy when there are more people. Namiki often says, "A magnetic field is created by a large number of committed people." Martin also says that healing in large numbers can be synergistic and wonderful.
Healing occurs simultaneously to multiple people, and this is quite a successful method.
For example, in an extreme case, when we want healing to happen to the Earth and our environment, it is much more effective through a gentle approach in large numbers than trying to reduce garbage with a small number of people.

We can see something similar when we talk about malfunction of our physical body condition; it is so important to take care of the “whole body” system (holistic and integrated) as well as the affected symptoms.


Yoshikazu Namiki Profile

 Yoshikazu Namiki

Imparting the idea of the "Integration (LDLA)" living in harmony with "the original self", he is showing how we can enjoy our life on Earth being in an awakened state using fully the original abilities that the humans have. He has a broad audience all over the world.
Nowadays his lectures and workshops are so popular that they sell out on the very day of the announcement.

He knows what and has such a charm to explain that many people feel easy to comprehend his lectures.
Also he attracts many people for his "human nature” that the number of people who aspire to learn from him is increasing radically.

Currently, he holds workshops, lectures and schools to deliver invitations for those who are ready to be awakened, connecting oneself to the high-dimensional wisdom and to “love and harmony” which is the original truth and essence of the Universe.
He is an active new leader to reach all over the world beyond races, religions, gender boundaries.

He has written books such as "Everyone was a god"
"The game of This world that That world sets traps to play", "Final message to awakening" etc. (all are bestsellers).

Along with his writings, he is also expanding his field of online activities on YouTube, on Ameba blog, on DMM Online Salon, etc.

Recently on December 22, 2021, Yoshikazu Namiki held a solo event at the Ryogoku Kokugikan for the winter solstice ceremony, which attracted 5,000 people and all the tickets got sold out. He is so popular that close to 5,000 people from all over the world were watching this event online.


Martin Jones Profile

Born and raised in a family of “Mediums” and healers, he has seen and talked to Spirit since he was a small child so that he takes communication with Spirit in such a natural way. His mother is “Medium” who helped his abilities to be grown slowly and naturally.
Also being blessed with great “Mediums” and teachers, he has established his current unique style of his work.

In addition to delivering a message, he is also very talented in psychic reading which allows him to read the past, present and future of his clients, so that he is able to help them find a way forward. He also guides meditation and teaches you how to become a “Medium” or/and a healer.

He has given many lectures and discussions on mindfulness and Spiritual philosophy, which have been always well received with favorable reputations, as an inspiring and exciting speech for the audience.

He feels so honored when he can show the proof of the fact that his clients’loved ones are energetic and happy in the Spirit world through his clear and accurate messages.

"Psychic medium healing cannot be done as a good performance without mind. You can bring out your abilities thanks to the mindfulness state."

Martin Jones explains that this mindfulness is so important to everyone to bring good synergies for all abilities.



■Event Date
Saturday, February 19, 2022  17: 00pm-20: 40pm (JST)
Saturday, February 19, 2022    8: 00pm-11: 40pm (GMT)
Saturday, February 19, 2022    0: 00am- 3: 40am  (PST)

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