The second part : 2023 Spring Equinox Special Work in Egypt on March 21st. Alchemy collaboration  with Yoshikazu Namiki,Tracy Ash, "Pyramid Field Gate Keeper&quot

The second part : 2023 Spring Equinox Special Work in Egypt on March 21st. Alchemy collaboration with Yoshikazu Namiki,Tracy Ash, "Pyramid Field Gate Keeper"

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 The second part : 2023 Spring Equinox Special Work in Egypt on March 21st.
Alchemy collaboration  with Yoshikazu Namiki,Tracy Ash, "Pyramid Field Gate Keeper&quot.

  [Message from Tracy Ash]
As mystic, healer, time-keeper and gateways specialist, I create gateways of miracles revolution of healing, awakening, protection, super human initiation and contribution that has the potential to change our world. 

From this major Earth Chakra I weave gateways of time, formidable interplanetary intelligence as an earth grid pioneer. With the pivotal Vernal Spring Equinox and Isis and Osiris Mythology intensifying within our own current evolution crisis- my wisdom teachings and science on super human evolution accelerates your initiation in alignment of wisdom prophesy of the central sun. I travel through time to serve humanity now and call interplanetary contact and transformational miracles of the future. 

You will be sacred healed and sacred protected in the miracles of time and existence. Experiencing this level of service at the Pyramids Field is extraordinary. From my homeland and ancient monuments I will open radical new potentials of existence. Together we heal humanity and earth. Together we call interplanetary intelligent life to protect and help us during the greatest spiritual awakening on earth. 

The revolution is the combination of Ancient Egypt, Spring Equinox & Central Sun Prophesies. My wisdom teachings akin to Indigenous Teachings around the world speak of the return of Goddess to heal the soul of humanity .I am honored to serve Japan and world. 

[Message from Yoshikazu Namiki]
We are about to receive the vernal equinox of 2023, and this year we will be bringing you a special event from Egypt.  Egypt, with its deep darkness and light, is indeed, a very attractive country.

In this vernal equinox, we, the human beings, who have passed through the Ascension Gateway of last year's winter solstice are arriving into the time of being reborn with our physical bodies.  We will receive a new frequency of energy to shift into the New Earth version of ourselves, shedding off from the Old Earth's way.

It means, the "awakening” to the essence of the Divine Self “manu” (new humanity = the fifth dimension) on this vernal equinox,  "finishing” the old human way (the fourth dimension).

Therefore, in this workshop, we are going to update all levels of our being including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body, collaborating with various Egyptian gods, including Isis, Hathor, Horus, and Thoth.

The reason why we have come to this Earth is for "evolution and growth". However, the current chaotic state of the world that humankind is currently facing contains a clear message from the Universe saying,  "go to the next stage".

In other words, unless we move on to the “next stage,'' we have come to a point where we cannot survive. If you take a close look at the world around you, you should be able to understand that.

Humanity is now at a "critical moment", and a call is being made to those who have the will to go "beyond".

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, those who will participate in this Equinox’s work are guided by the “calling,” so I hope that you will pay attention and listen to that “inner calling”.

In addition, this year,  this will be a collaboration with Tracey Ash, and there will be in two parts; 

Part 1 will be imparted from myself,  and Part 2 will be from Tracy Ash, an excellent psychic who is a "Pyramid Field Gatekeeper" living in Egypt,

who has been doing a lot of training and work towards Ascension and she is very familiar with Egypt so I am so excited and would like to know how Tracy's and my energy alchemy will work together both on the vernal equinox portal and your consciousness as well. 

I am so looking forward to seeing you all through the magnificent energy field that I will create with the gods and Tracy on the day of the spring equinox of 2023.

A new “civilization” on “New Earth” will be created by those consciousness in such a rare turning point in the history of the Earth. 

Other detailed information will be updated on this page occasionally.

[Profile of Tracey Ash]

Ash lives on The Medinet Habu Temple with her Siberian Husky, Anubis Bowie. She is a humanitarian and visionary. From1999 Ash traveled the world in service as visionary to humanity and collective evolution. Ash is a heavyweight spiritual teacher, healer, gatekeeper and oracle. Why she has been invited to the United Nations and headhunted by IONS. Ash materializes phenomenal extra-terrestrial contact, healing and intelligence anomalies and sensory perception. Her specialisms are consciousness, ancient Egypt and worldwide ancient sites.

The first star-gate was opened at Medinet Habu in 2011, during The Arab Spring. Ash is gatekeeper of The Pyramid Fields. Ash’s knowledge is remembered from ancient times. She has traveled to reactivate gateway sites across the world to heal humanity. Mount Shasta, Mount Fuji, Okinawa, Kyoto, Glastonbury, Uluru, StoneHenge, Avebury, The Great Pyramids, The Valley of Kings and Queens, Luxor & Karnak Temples. The Red Sea, Florida & Bermuda Triangle, New York, Corfu, France and Los Angeles.

Visionary of Imagine One Earth (IOEarth) and her own training gateway- The Ark Portal. The first IOEarth event featured Dr Bruce Lipton, Ash, Hiro Emoto and Thrive. IOEarth is a new earth initiative to solve human inequality, suffering and war. This initiative unifies our efforts for collective evolution. In this New Humanity we ignite the Reality Revolution. Despite the Matrix we impact change.

Her fieldwork on contact and metaPhysics took her to the United Nations in 2018. In 2020, Ash landed in Egypt alone, to build two New Earth eco-hotel facilities in Cairo and Luxor for revolutionaries of New Earth. Ash is an architect of sacred space, transformational travel, restoration menus and innovative training experiences. Talent is supported with Artist, Spiritual Influencer and Egyptology In-Residence Programs. Her passion is mystical and genius.

Discovered at The College of Psychic Studies by President Suzanna McInnerney where she worked between 1999-2015. Ash was quickly identified as a spirituality pioneer leading a new era. Her dedication to truth led the timekeeper to ancient gateways. She has worked with thousands of people in Europe, United States, Egypt, Japan and Australia. In 2020, she was invited to be Artemes first Global Leader, a human value cryptocurrency Partners & Press predicted to reach six billion people. In 2022 and 2023, she works with Sony CEO, Shiho Tenge and as IONS Research Partner.

[Profile of Yoshikazu Namiki]

Yoshikazu Namiki communicates the “integration (LDLA)” to live in harmony with the “true self”, and to experience the abilities and ways of life inherent in human beings, as well as the “way of being” to enjoy life in an awakened state. He teaches to the world, both domestically and internationally.

He is so popular today that lectures and workshops get full on the same day of its announcement.

 The number of people who are eager to study with him is rising rapidly. He is attracting a large number of people because of his outstanding comprehensibility and his "humanity."

Currently, along with activities to deliver invitations for "awakening" beyond races, religions, and genders, new wisdom that leads to higher wisdom and spreads the truth and the essence of the Universe, "love and harmony," around the world.

As a leader, he actively holds workshops, seminars, schools, etc.

His books include "Everyone was a god," "The world is about to play, this world game," "Final message to awakening," etc. (all are bestsellers).

He is also expanding his playing field in the Internet world, such as YouTube, Ameba Blog, DMM online salon. 

Also, on December 22, 2021, Yoshikazu Namiki held a solo event at Ryogoku Kokugikan, attracting 5,000 people and selling out.  On the same day, it was so popular that nearly 5,000 people from all over the world watched the event online.

event date(Japan Time)
March 21, 2023 (Tuesday/holiday)
Part 2: 19:00pm-22:00pm

Part 2: 65$(USD)

Organizer: Office Namiki, El Aura/Planner: Neo LLC

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