"Be born, to grow old, to get sick and to die ~ Happiness" by world-recognized medium Gordon Smith

"Be born, to grow old, to get sick and to die ~ Happiness" by world-recognized medium Gordon Smith

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Gordon, who has been active as foremost ``medium (spirit medium)''in Europe, will explain through his own experiences and gift about what the dead are most regretful, and when and how human energy can shine, etc. 

Gordon will give lectures and workshops on ``Be born, to grow old, to get sick and to die''. These 4 experiences are also called as the "Four Angels". 

Everything serves as an opportunity, a learning, and a seed of awareness.  Each seminar can include 2 exercises and meditation.

Gordon Smith
「The life cycle~happinese」

Study with world-renowned medium and psychic Gordon Smith the theme of "Birth,  Aging, Sickness, and Death, (the four inevitables in human life.)

This course is designed to help you regain your zest for life and focus your energy more on the present moment.

The purpose of this course is to help you live your life more vibrantly.
The course is designed to help people face their worries, pain and doubts about life, and fear of death,
and to sublimate the pain caused by the death of relatives, etc., so that they can live their lives more brightly in the future.

The purpose of this workshop is not to become a medium or psychic.
So, such knowledge is not required. It is recommended for those who want to "live better," "live a full life," "heal pet loss,"
 "ease the fear of death," "learn about life, aging, sickness, and death," "think about destiny," etc.

Of course, it's also an important underlying philosophy of medium and psychic training,
so we hope that those who are learning in this way will also join us.

For this reason, the fee is set at a price that is affordable for everyone.

The Buddha is said to have taught "Birth, Aging, Sickness, and Death.
This four-part series is not a commentary on the Buddha's teachings on  "Birth, Aging, Sickness, and Death.
Gordon Smith, who has been in contact with many spiritual beings, will share his knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual views based on his own experiences.
He will share with you the meaning of birth, why we live, how to understand illness, and how to be happy at the moment of death.
The class is divided into four parts: birth, living and growing old, getting sick, and dying.

Each class always includes one or two meditations and work.

Part 1.
Why are we born?
It is said that the likelihood of a person being born is one in three hundred million, one in eight trillion, or one in eighty trillion.
The number changes depending on the conditions under which the calculations are made, but there is no doubt that it is an astronomical number.
And the chance of being born in a country that is considered developed is about 15%.

So, why are we born?
Is it because our souls desire it?
In the first class, we will feel the miracle of birth, feel our purpose, and regain the energy of "wanting to live" when we were born.

How reincarnation works. The difference between reincarnation and transmigration. How is reincarnation viewed in the West?
Do we decide our blueprint when we are born?
Are we born agreeing with our parents, country, and conditions?
Is it that the soul sets up the parents to hate each other, etc.?
Is the soul's decision to die soon after birth, to be born in a poor country, to die in the mother's womb, etc., already made by the soul?
Is the cycle of reincarnation faster for those who die early?
What is the difference between fate and destiny?
What can be changed by effort and what cannot?
Until what age do we have the unconditional energy to grow and evolve, to crawl at any cost, to walk even if we fall down, to ride a bicycle even if we are injured, and why do we lose it?
Discover our original, unique purpose for being born

event date(Japan Time)
2023 (1) March 26 (Sun) (2) April 23 (Sun) (3) May 21 (Sun) (4) Adjustments for June

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【important notes】
*The seminar held on March 26 will be recorded.

[Profile] Gordon Smith

Writer/International Medium

World's top medium. Born in Scotland in 1962. Originally he was a barber, but while he was doing personal clairvoyance for free, there was a flood of clairvoyant applicants. Currently, he has closed his hair salon and is a spirit messenger, giving demonstrations (public clairvoyance), lectures and seminars both in Japan and overseas, and meeting many celebrities. He belonged to a "spiritual church" in England (where a medium provides a demonstration of the language spoken by the spirits of their relatives and friends to those who visit the church), and has the experience of providing clairvoyance to many people. have His books include "Healing from the Spiritual World" (Tokuma Shoten).

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