Yoshikazu Namiki x Gary  From Awakening to Expansion of Consciousness.

Yoshikazu Namiki x Gary From Awakening to Expansion of Consciousness.

판매 가격
세금이 포함됨

From Awakening to Expansion of Consciousness.
Integration of the past life and the future.
Workshop on Energy Consolidation & Enhanced Selectivity

From awakening of consciousness to expansion of consciousness. Free yourself from the captivity of the concept of time, and heal the past (life) and create the future (life).
Lectures and works by Yoshikazu Namiki and Gary Queen to repair energy deficiencies and leaks, guiding from separation and dispersion into integration.

Let go of the memories of the soul such as sadness, anxiety, and attachment, concentrating energy now, and enhancing vitality.

In addition to heightened consciousness, these works expand and strengthen perceptions .

This workshop improves your talent, choice, and foresight, and you will receive healing for yourself in order to heal those around you.


We have chosen to awaken our consciousness.
In order to accelerate it, we will clear the past (life) and the future (life). Let’s recalibrate our destiny as if untying the tangled threads.

Instead of regretting the choices of the past nor lamenting the anxieties of the future, we now focus on those possibilities of the energy that were spilled from our hands. Then we download our
highest good from the many futures that exist.

Heal your emotions, habits, and behavioral patterns to regain the power to do your best. From separation and decentralization, you will come out of integration.

It is a valuable 5-hour workshop to learn how to expand and strengthen our awareness.

Yoshikazu Namiki will hold this event, inviting higher-level intelligences so that all those works can be done in a safe and secure space.
Also, some messages and some guidance will be channeled from those intelligences to work on during this workshop.

Giving the priority to what you feel, you will first heal your own energy; then you will start emitting the healing to those surroundings.

Unfolding our visions , we regain "expansion" and "strength" of higher consciousness.

Let’s share the subtle yet powerful state, by integrating past and future lives.

In addition, you can practice these contents as many times as you want without any restriction of time and space.



Yoshikazu Namiki Profile
Communicate "integration (LDLA)" to live in harmony with "real self", and experience your own abilities and way of life, and "way of being" to enjoy life in an awake state Through teaching to the world both domestically and internationally.

 He is so popular today that lectures and workshops get full on the same day of its announcement.

The number of people who are eager to study with him is rising rapidly. He is attracting a large number of people because of the  outstanding comprehensibility and his "humanity."

Currently, along with activities to deliver invitations for "awakening" beyond races, religions, and genders, new wisdom that leads to higher wisdom and spreads the truth and the essence of the Universe, "love and harmony," around the world.

As a leader, he actively holds workshops, seminars, schools, etc.

His books include "Everyone was a god," "The world is about to play, this world game," "Final message to awakening," etc. (all are bestsellers). We are expanding the field of activity in the Internet world.

【Gary Quinn Profile
Best Selling Author, Life Coach, Film and Television Producer, Television Host (Writers Guild of America-WGAw, SAG/AFTRA)

International motivational speaker, life coach strategist, educator, and best-selling author Gary Quinn shares his valuable insights and knowledge with a worldwide audience via his self-help inspirational books, TV and radio appearances, digital downloads and numerous worldwide speaking engagements and seminars. Several of his recent books have become best-sellers in this field and are acknowledged as essential tools for those seeking to improve their lives, business, and relationships.

He is also a magazine contributor, writing and interviewing authors, celebrities and self-development experts for the Italian based lifestyle magazine Energie magazine. Many of the interviews and cover stories have been with Deepak Chopra, Shirley MacLaine, Sharon Stone, Don Miguel Ruiz, Linda Gray, The Dalai Lama, Anthony Robbins, Byron Katie, and Neil Jackson. He writes a regular Life Coaching column published in every issue of the magazine.

Event date
Saturday, May 7, 2021 10:00〜15:20 (JST)
Saturday, May 7, 2021 1:00〜6:20 (GMT)
Saturday, May 7, 2021 12:00〜17:20 (AEDT)

Price: $50US


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