Sustain Yourself Card International Certified Coach Class Held in July 2022

Sustain Yourself Card International Certified Coach Class Held in July 2022

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Sustain Yourself Card International Certified Coach Class Held in July 2022


Sustain Yourself Card Certified Coach Class will be held in July 2022 after a long time!  This time, it will be held in two languages, Japanese and English.

( We have simultaneous interpreting available.)

The certification course on the Sustain Yourself Card by Dr. James, which connects us to nature, will start! This time it will be held online.  There will be a total of 4 lectures.

 There will be 3 summarized lectures on secret stories from the birth of this green card, on how to use the card, on how to do readings , etc.

 A certificate of completion will be issued for this course.



【Dr. James Wanless Profile


Currently living in California, USA. Voyager tarot Author. He used to teach political sociology at Columbia University, but one day he received a revelation and traveled to India and other places before entering the world of tarot cards. Feeling that the traditional medieval and religious tarot is a mismatch with modern life, in 1985, he created a Voyager tarot with a new concept suitable for the 21st century and a beautiful collage design.


Event date 

July  13, 20,  27and August 3 (Wednesday)(USA)
4 times in total

16: 00-19: 00 (PDT)

Price: $300US


* There will be recording available
 * We will issue a certificate if you complete submitting your assignments.  The issuance fee will be $ 100.

Sustain Card Certificate Course Certificate Issuance Fee

  <Sustain card certification course:  assignment contents>

 ① Submission of a 30-day sustain card ( picking up 1 card each day)
 ② Submission of card reading report for 5 people

  Please ask and be clear about how to proceed with the assignments during the class time .
 Submission destination: (Please contact us if it is difficult to submit by email.)

*The content of the project is subject to change. Please note.

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