September 7th: Yoshikazu Namiki (Sensei): “Spiritual Journey in Bali 2”  Connecting with Gods & Spirits  And Ancestral Spirits connected to the Universe to shift into Galactic Humanity.

September 7th: Yoshikazu Namiki (Sensei): “Spiritual Journey in Bali 2” Connecting with Gods & Spirits And Ancestral Spirits connected to the Universe to shift into Galactic Humanity.

판매 가격
세금이 포함됨

On the Day 2 of the Spiritual Journey in Bali, we will work with the power and receive the support of the local Gods, Spirits and Elementals from Bali, where volcanoes, abundant water, plants, wind, and elements live like a story, and where supernature, light and darkness exist all together to be known for its mystical names.

We will also connect to our ancestors, the source of our genes and blood. The Higher Beings of heaven and earth will also gather to evolve and complete the very lessons of Day1.

This is a Premium Workshop to receive the magnetic field energy of Bali, connecting with the universe and opening the gate of awakening.

The Spiritual Journeys around the World with Yoshikazu Namiki.

For the first time, only online participation was available, but in countries where circumstances permit, we will try to make it possible for everyone to participate on site, and it will be a "Spiritual Journey with Yoshikazu Namiki (Sensei)”, feeling the atmosphere of the country and having your own personal spiritual journey as well.

 Now, this time,
The workshop will be held over two days, onSeptember 6th and 7th.

The first day (Day1)  will be a collaboration with Mamica from Bali as a guest and Namiki sensei’s solo work. While further evolving the study of integration, we will also collaborate with Balinese Hindu supreme deities such as Shiva and other Higher Beings.

On the second day (Day2), a solo work session by Namiki sensei.
Surrounded by the magnetic energy of Bali, with its unique culture and history, including the strong contrast between light and dark and the worship of Bali Hinduism, which is a fusion of Buddhism and Hinduism, we will deepen our connection with spirits and ancestral spirits as well as the gods.

It is said that Bali, with its many spirits, is easily connected to other worlds, but according to Namiki sensei, there is also a doorway to the cosmos. While connecting with the heavens and the earth, riding the flow towards the phase where we finally shift to galactic humanity.

By strengthening your connection with Bali Energy, you may be able to create your own original imagination, vision or message, a creative power that is different from anything you have ever experienced before.

*More details coming soon

Latest message from Yoshikazu Namiki Sensei:

Bali's magnetic field: a gate to the cosmos that opens onto an earth filled with spirits.

Bali's magnetic field: a gate to the cosmos that opens onto an earth filled with spirits.

”The magnetic field of Bali is so full of spirits that it would not be an exaggeration to say that the land of Bali is created by the spirits. Surprisingly, this magnetic field in Bali is connected to the universe. So, as I have been talking about the shift to galactic humanity, we can use this magnetic field to open the connection with the universe. Therefore, if there are people who have been confined to narrow ways of thinking and perception, such as limited to “this earth” or “these small areas”, then by receiving the energy of Bali and the energy of the magnetic field, the lid will pop open.

Be grateful for the blood you have inherited from your ancestors and turn on the positive gene switch.

What is very important in this time is to be grateful for the blood we have inherited from our ancestors. The genes we inherit from our ancestors, for example, when we are born in this body/this lifetime/household/lineage, there is definitely an element of inherited genes from our ancestors. There are positive genes (strengths) and negative genes (weaknesses) in the genes you inherit from your ancestors and your parents, and if you can turn on the positives, your life will go very smoothly.

Unfortunately, when the negative is turned on, for example, when you are a child and you see something you don't like about your parents and you think, "I don't want to be like that!", you may end up doing the same thing when you grow up. This is because the negative gene is turned on, but by being grateful for the blood of our ancestors, we can turn off the negative and turn on the more positive images. While the connection with the ancestors is important in this time, I think I provide some work on the connection with the ancestors, because the energy of Bali is very open to that.

 'Kecak', the continual invocation of ancestors to descend one after the other.

There is a culture called Kecak, right? I didn't know that, but it is a way of invoking ancestors. When I went to Bali to watch a kecak performance, it was extremely hot and I was thinking, " I hope it will end soon, it's so long", when suddenly the atmosphere changed. One or two of them went into a trance. So I was really staring at them, and then the ancestors started descending from up above. I don't think they were that conscious because they were showing it to tourists, but they were already descending one after the other.

I realized, "Oh, this was in part to interact with my ancestors," and it's that kind of magnetic field. This is why I think it would be interesting to do some work on clearing ourselves in connection with our ancestors, or turning on positive genes.”

※Kecak is a male chorus in Bali, Indonesia. It is also a dance drama accompanied by a shamanic dance (sanghyang). The 'k' is not pronounced in Bali, so it is called 'cha' locally.

[Profile of Yoshikazu Namiki]

Yoshikazu Namiki communicates the “integration (LDLA)” to live in harmony with the “true self”, and to experience the abilities and ways of life inherent in human beings, as well as the “way of being” to enjoy life in an awakened state. He teaches to the world, both domestically and internationally.

He is so popular today that lectures and workshops get full on the same day of its announcement.

 The number of people who are eager to study with him is rising rapidly. He is attracting a large number of people because of his outstanding comprehensibility and his "humanity."

Currently, along with activities to deliver invitations for "awakening" beyond races, religions, and genders, new wisdom that leads to higher wisdom and spreads the truth and the essence of the Universe, "love and harmony," around the world.

As a leader, he actively holds workshops, seminars, schools, etc.

His books include "Everyone was a god," "The world is about to play, this world game," "Final message to awakening," etc. (all are bestsellers).

He is also expanding his playing field in the Internet world, such as YouTube, Ameba Blog, DMM online salon. 

Also, on December 22, 2021, Yoshikazu Namiki held a solo event at Ryogoku Kokugikan, attracting 5,000 people and selling out.  On the same day, it was so popular that nearly 5,000 people from all over the world watched the event online.

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