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Ash is mystic, healer, time-keeper and gateways specialist. She lives in the temple of Medinet Habu, in the magnificence of ancient Egypt with her Siberian Husky, Anubis Bowie. She built two facilities to support new earth, The Ark Abusir and Habu Hotel Ecolodge. Her third retreat facility is El Khatim launching in 2024. She curates revolutionary training and pilgrimages merging ancient gateways and star gates, history, human origins, time, prophesy and mysticism. Her ancient lives call leaders of many indigenous traditions. The Yuta and Nori of Okinawa, Anangu of Ularu, Sufi of Egypt and Inca of Peru. She lives on the gateways of previous ancient lives. Timekeepers meet at extraordinary moments of evolution. They are born to live and materialise extraordinary lives of service and fate.


910 March - 2 Days 10 hours ONLINE    

Eye of Ra & HATHOR Initiations & Q&A

Soul Initiation, Dimensional Transmissions, Vector Activations, and Meta-Physical Teachings, Advanced Training and Practices. In the golden sun of Hathor there are seven doors. The doors that carry the sun where there are no shadows. In the silence there are no shoes. Each naked footstep awaits each key. There is no utterance or demand. As the path is unveiled pure.

It is a silent journey awaiting the golden sun. Then the song grows. And with it listening. Magic is not just something she bestows. She is the mirrors that lead the ways to the seven doors. She calls you through the veils to who you are. The blindfold of your heart is seared to fall away as tears on the ground.

Ash 2023

Soul Initiation translates as life force transformation, biological recalibration, energy system re-balance, kundalini purification, soul intelligence development, sustainable spirituality, progressive healing and psychology. Eye of Ra Initiation activates comprehensive destiny pathways and soul intelligence based in incarnation memories. You will identify, initiate soul and transform ego.

Part 2

30 & 31 March - 2 Days 10 hours ONLINE

Eye of Ra Initiations & Q&A

Build, strengthen intelligence and life force gateways in balance with sacred earth and universal ecosystems of ancient builder civilisations and pre-history civilisations of Atlantis. (The Eye of Atlantis, Sahara Desert’s Adrar Plateau, Mauritania). You will explore extensive initiation and intelligence on Cult of The Eye of Ra, the Cult of Hathor and advanced initiation pathways for advanced soul intelligence, deification and time-vector integration (celestial intelligence, advanced star races, advanced builder civilisations that genetically and biologically illuminate humanity and earth in The Eye of Ra and unveiling Isis (PSI/metaphysics phenomenon and materialisation).

Advanced soul integration includes classification, identification and initiation of multi-soul rays systems and trans-dimensional time gateways of advanced builder civilisations. PART 4 will require deep study and practices into mastery.

Part 3


The Revolution of RA-Awakening Star Maps and Ancient Gateways

A 25,765 YEARS AXIAL RETURN OF RA Mt Fuji Retreat awakens you in miracles, ceremonies, initiations, teachings, healings and rituals at Mt Fuji to REVOLUTIONISE YOUR SOUL in Ash’s groundbreaking RA Mystery School.

You will activate, protect and up-level your transformation, evolution and spiritual journeys. Ash revealed the connection between the star maps of civilisation of Ancient Egypt (The Denderah Zodiac) and Ancient Japan (Kitora Tomb) in 2014. The return of Goddess and light of humanity is written in universal legends, prophesies and myths of humanity. Ash is a unique genius merging consciousness and ancient history. 

  • Ash draws incredible evolutionary and spiritual parallels between Ancient Egypt and the ancient gateway of Mt Fuji.
  • RA Mystery School Soul Purpose Teachings and Initiations activate your Destiny, Fate and Soul Journey
  • RA Mystery School Earth Gateways Teachings protects the Ancient Japan and Ancient Egypt earth chakras of civilisation. You progress individual and collective peace, initiation and evolution defined by RA legacy. Mt Fuji (Third Eye) and The Great Pyramids (Throat) are gateways to pre-history Atlantis and Mut. You will participate in The Ceremony of Seven Gateways for peace at Mt Fuji to purify all ancient shrines and temples that are endangered by matrix and ego. 
  • Your consciousness impacts the ecosystem of humanity and planet. Earth responds to our consciousness. Gatekeeper and Timekeeper, Ash will hold protection ceremonies for you, for humanity and key ancient gateways to preserve peace and harmony during these incredibly chaotic and dangerous times. Ash shares a powerful field of protection. 
  • RA Mystery School Teachings on Karma, Healing Negative Programs and New Psychology Building. As old era of ego elitism, illusion, inconsistent ethics and inequality is revealed to be transformed, Ash offers you revolutionary recalibration. The dysfunctional timeline must heal and evolve for humanity and earth to survive. Ash opens you to new transformational timelines of new reality. The scope encompasses a vast cycle of incarnation and resolution. 25,765 years. This retreat is designed to reinvent, regenerate, restore and rebuild you. 
  • RA Mystery School Teachings on Ancient Gods & Goddess, Gateways and Time-lines. Experience The Ceremony of Ancient Gods and Goddess at Mt Fuji. Ash was invited to the United Nations for her work on consciousness and contact in 2018. 

This Ra Mystery School Mt Fuji Retreat unlocks the archaic forces of myth and magic held within key earth chakras. Here evolution and awakening is no longer time-sealed and difficult to perceive.

  1. Develop self-responsibility, more perception and self-mastery that overrides matrix control within epigenetic and quality of life. You will integrate soul intelligence with new timelines. 
  2. Resolution of painful wounding, soul contracts and life lessons in structured mentoring and personal attention. 
  3. Advance your spiritual perception of your soul journey.
  4. Release false attachments and illusion materialising as disruptive thoughts and associations. 


  1. Initiate awake, fearless inner mastery and healing to progress inner-world and vision. Here sub-conscious may be unfamiliar and unknown. The False Matrix hijacks spirituality and community bonding. RETREAT IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO UPLEVEL HEALING, RESTORE SPIRITUALITY AND BUILD ETHICAL COMMUNITY. The Matrix affects your spiritual perception, intelligence and timeline from birth. NOTE: this retreat develops advanced soul intelligence beyond convention, mainstream trends, 3D programming. 


  1. Self-Discipline daily practices and protocols.
  2. Resolve low energy attachments, false matrix, toxic environments, nutrition, unhealthy media, psychology, programs and activities. Spiritual choices increases self-healing. This requires detox and healing processes.
  3. META-PHYSICS, QUANTUM FIELD & THE ZERO-POINT. Soul journeys are sacred where destiny and impact is revolutionary.
  4. GATEWAYS & STAR-MAPS. Significant focus on groundbreaking awakening of sacred destiny and sacred relationships.
  5. Prayer & Perception Training


Part 4

4 & 5 May - 2 Days 10 hours ONLINE

Soul Rays Intelligence and Goddess SESHAT Initiations and Q&A

The concept of the seven rays was introduced by H. P. Blavatsky and later developed by Ernest Wood. Alice Bailey then developed the teaching considerably in a number of her books, especially A Treatise on the Seven Rays. "Different aspects of Truth can be seen through the Seven Rays.

“Each Ray sees things differently and has its own way of doing things. Each Ray has a different opinion. “

First Soul Ray Strength - I will be strong, brave persevering in His service.”

Second Soul Ray Wisdom - I will attain the intuitional wisdom, which can be developed only through perfect love.

Third Soul Ray Adaptability or Tact - I will gain the power of saying and doing just the right thing at the right time moment of meeting each man on his own ground, in order to help him more efficiently.

Fourth Soul Ray Beauty and Harmony - So far as I can, I will bring beauty and harmony into my life and surroundings, that I may be more worthy of Him; I will learn to see beauty in all nature, that so I may serve Him better.

Fifth Soul Ray Science (detailed knowledge) - I will gain knowledge and accuracy, that I

may devote them to His work.

Sixth Soul Ray Devotion - I will unfold within myself the mighty power of devotion, that through it I may bring others to Him.

Seventh Soul Ray Ordered Service (ceremonial magic) - I will so order and arrange my service of God along the lines which He has prescribed that I may be able fully to take advantage of the loving help which His Holy Angels are always waiting to render.

Part 5

8&9 June - 2 Days 10 hours ONLINE

Advanced Initiates, The Egyptian Book of The Dead, The Pyramid Texts


We have intelligently designed MA’AT Progression and Soul-Realisation is strongly rooted in continuous perception, soul resonance, path-resolution, and significant spiritual balance with soul, destiny, ecosystems. Explore The Book of The Dead and The Pyramid Texts by travelling through through the esoteric foundational timelines of Ancient Egypt.

Please be aware entry level is unique, individual and rigorously embedded in sacred initiations, laws and sciences of evolution. We advise these are practices for duration of life and require disciplined maintenance, dedication and mentorship. We urge you to regulate self-mastery and healing practices as an initiation solution to dismantle conventional psychology, matrix programs and matrix time. Genetics and Matrix define inner stories, archetypes, conventional intelligence and potential that conflicts with soul intelligence.

Here you integrate alchemy, myth and magic in initiation. The massive complexity of consciousness both visible and unseen means evolution and awakening is time-sealed.

You must honour both the potential and limitation of this universal absolute truth. This mastery and navigation takes advanced practice and deep, dedicated inner-work.

Here you are:

  1. Focusing more attention and intention upon responsibility, perception and increasing self-mastery that overrides matrix control on epigenetics, quality of existence, esoteric and metaphysical advanced soul intelligence.
  2. Resolution of painful soul contracts and challenging life lessons in RIGOROUS INNER WORK AND INITIATION that is structured and mentored.
  3. Progress perception and listening.
  4. Here you process false attachments materialising as disruptive thoughts and associations.


  1. Dedicated, responsible, fearless inner mastery and silence to inhabit progress inner-world and vision. Here sub-conscious may be unfamiliar and unknown. The False Matrix denies access. This programming manipulates your intelligence and reality from birth creating time-seals on your sacred intelligence and sacred destiny.

NOTE: this level of intelligence goes beyond conventional intellect of 3D learning contaminated via programming.


  1. Self-Discipline dedication to daily self-healing practices and protocols.
  2. Question low energy attachments, false matrix, toxic environments, nutrition, impure water, unhealthy media, psychology, programs and activities. Sacred choices increases self-healing. This is complex and requires detox and healing processes.
  3. META-PHYSICS, QUANTUM FIELD & ZERO-POINT. As advanced initiates you agree to journeys into unknown, non-mainstream, unconventional and sacred where destiny and reality is unchartered. NON-CONVENTIONAL TRAINING METHODS. The experimental nature of our training explores consciousness and the corresponding reality we exist in. You must be willing and ready to acknowledge your own power, responsibility and mission in reality.
  4. GATEWAYS: earth-grid-energy pathways, portals and earth-chakras. Significant attachment upon awakening and initiating sacred destiny. Significant attachment to sacred significant attachment for contracts of sacred love. High frequency experiences and activities.


22 & 23 June - 2 Days 10 hours ONLINE


Becker and Hagens' research influenced by the work of Chris Bird, who published "Planetary Grid" in the New Age Journal in May 1975. After meeting Bird, their Grid as made compatible with all the Platonic Solids, by inserting a creation from Buckminster Fuller's work. They proposed that the planetary grid map by Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov is essentially correct. The north and south axial poles and the Great Pyramid at Gizeh. This is a critical placement for survival. In Ash’s knowledge of Ancient civilizations, stargazes and timelines, the Alliance is educated to protect earth, intra-sun and planetary gateways. Pilgrimage is travelled online and to ancient gateways of Earth to stabilize consciousness. This seminar will examine The Pyramids Field in advanced initiation and learning, exploring the axis and polarity of the torsion field on time and consciousness. Our work as an alliance is to assist evolution. Radical, safe, grounded consciousness approaches that tackle time and sovereign protection.This is not a movement of shadow entertainment or unsafe delusion. We operate zero-tolerance, and scientifically and psychologically explain why.


27 & 28 July - 2 Days 10 hours ONLINE


The Black Goddess is mystical and metaphysical force that animates in the Solstice Gateway. Her Eye of Ra travels your eternity. Her presence is granted to the broken fragments of who you. For her medicine is a moment of eternity. The Black Goddess is the pure force of creation. Pure karmic recalibration for she is. No illusion can materialize as her for she is creation. All within her and her journey is a ceremony of absolute purification. Her presence takes you ever closer to the true understanding of your place in the universe .the destruction of Black Goddess has destroyed the wise one within our human journey. If for one eternal moment of time we would perceive the difference between evolution and destruction. The world would indeed heal. Pure souls are called to Black Goddess with all laws of Ma’at. Black Goddess is Time, Warrior, Ma”at and Eye, Mother and Daughter who mystically rebirths you. As we make pilgrimage to the star-gates of the Sun prepare to travel the timelines of creation. We are entering a new era on earth where Humanity must honor another ark lesson of Creation The Goddess is not what you will her to be. Seek the pure messages of the time travelers of the Goddesses. Every temple gateway imitates the pilgrimage to and through the stars as me make our long pilgrimage to the Western Desert we enter the Eye of Atlantis. For Atlantis was built in the image of Goddess. And in Egypt we arrive in one of the most formidable gateways on earth. The Gateway to and through the Central Sun as described repeatedly in the architecture of the ancient Ones.




In Egypt the pyramids in myth, science and spirituality are designed to ignite and protect the journey of the soul for an eternity. Do you believe this? Here we venture into knowledge that underscores questions and dreams on human origins, nature of soul and what existence is, was and will be. What is here are no obvious written records. Philosophical quests of soul.

The land of the dead, is the domain of Osiris. That gateway is eternity, known as Rosteau, that gateway is protected by Hathor, The House of Horus. For she, as the goddess metamorphic as both mother and daughter of Ra. God and goddess is a circle of fire that seals protection of the souls of lineage of Horus The Elder. The lineage is known as the pillar people. The race of pre-history. The ones of the first kings of Egypt. The pillar people are of Osirion ritual and resurrection cults whose initiation keys are magnificent goddess - the thrones made and fit for kings. The goddess is both throne and star gate. As gateway of protection materialising intelligence across time and universe.

A Stargate is an Einstein–Rosen dimensional portal device within the Stargate universe that allows rapid travel between two distant locations. At Giza we reference Sirius and Earth. Here we explore the time-machine that has recorded the sacred origins of humanity. The Turin Canon (1279-1213 BC) describes a kings list of 36, 620 years before dynastic Egypt, referencing Neteru and Shemsu Hor. This is an earlier creation story of the Garden of Eden, Sumeria and in our research to Atlantis where there is evidence that an event or cosmic war took place over Egypt to control this star-gate.

Ancient and future are possible. Levitated through time in the mysterious solar boat. The guardians of all time are Goddess. Goddess is the force of levitation and anti-gravity. The mysterious ‘something’ that materialises and propels the throne of soul. What protects is Dog Star- gateway of human evolution guided by Sirius. In epigenetics we are indeed shape-shifted by internal and external influences. Sirius is at the pivotal center of all mythologies puzzles. Our quantum intelligence not currently quite formed to understand the truth or story of our creation.

And as truth is buried deeper in linear time. The forgotten truths are meaningless. Our souls crave this truth Intelligence hypnotised by lesser and lesser. Brave humanity you are walk away from truth. You are not under the stars, guided by greater intelligence, guided by the wisdom of ancestors and more. You do not exist as Hathor to know time. You have rejected silence and refuse to listen. The goddess is waiting. She is your mirror of everything you create. Her fury is yours. Her destruction is yours for she is the mirror of all you are. She is awaiting your calling when you see.


7&8 September - 2 Days 10 hours ONLINE


Goddess alignments and the combined firing of Precessional Gateway, Solstice and Equinox Gateways over vast time cycles materializes revolutionary consciousness.

Temples and pyramids house Goddess and Time beyond Matrix. For example, the Star Clock of Valley Temple of Khufu or Temple of Hathor, Denderah, The Great Pyramids and Karnak Temple. We see star-gate architecture and DNA fired by timelines and Goddess. We see evidence in Pyramid of Djoser and Abu Ghorab Sun Temples, and older technologies that revolutionized consciousness.

The ancient Egyptians keep Predeluvian time. Inter-dimensional gateways to ancestors, benevolent gods and star races that guide, serve and protect our human story. This is the architecture of reincarnation and sovereign evolution. It is the Goddess who travels us to the creation story on Earth. Ash equates this with global wisdom prophesies. These star-gates define advanced contact and an advanced civilization capable of spiritualsustainability. On an end note, the Amaziagh of Africa wear ceremonial masks akin to wolf or Anubis. Anubis is the dog-star (Protector of Sothis (Sirius) and Isis). The Amaziagh are of and from the stars. They are know they are gatekeepers.

Thoth The Corpus Hermeticum is a body of later mystical texts attributed to Hermes (or Thoth) describes a prophecy of two parts. The first prophescy leaves ancient Egypt- the temple of the cosmos desolate. The second part is a renewal of human sacred. Thoth is the Egyptian god of writing, magic, wisdom, and the moon. He is/was one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt born of the seed of Horus from the forehead of Set. As the son of these two deities (representing order and chaos respectively) he is god of karmic equilibrium associated with the principle of ma'at (divine balance) and the goddess Ma'at who personified this principle (and who was sometimes seen as his wife). The power of Thoth forces karmic law and karmic justice. Another of his consorts was the goddess Nehemetawy ('She Who Embraces Those In Need") a protector goddess. In his form as A'an, Thoth presided over the judgment of the dead with Osiris in the Hall of Truth and those souls who feared they might not pass through the judgment safely were encouraged to call upon Thoth. These are the karmic laws that can not be manipulated, avoided or excused. The consort most often associated with Thoth was Seshat, goddess of writing, the keeper of books, and patron goddess of libraries, his wife or daughter. Without Seshat there is no comprehension of the power of universal laws that Thoth represents. The entitlement of unawakened souls can never succeed in trespassing these laws. In these end times, universal law wins.

Tidal forces from Earth have slowed the Moon's rotation to the point where the same side is always facing the Earth—a phenomenon called tidal locking. The other face, most of which is never visible from the Earth, is therefore called the "far side of the Moon". The Dark Side of the Moon holds and unveils the nature and forces of subconscious and primordial time. Why moon can illuminate the subconscious details of unhealed time. This alchemy of subconscious launches the birth of a million stars to fly us to creation. We transcend the dark side of the moon because love is everything. The fear of never being enough is healed. We know the karma we have chosen as path.

The Moon's cold south pole has captivated the scientific community. The uncharted region hold secrets about the Moon's history, planetary formation and time, and potential for future exploration. At the lunar South Pole, the Sun hovers below or just above the horizon, creating temperatures upwards of 130°F (54°C) during sunlit periods. Even during these periods of illumination, soaring mountains cast dark shadows and deep craters protect perpetual darkness in their abysses. Some of these craters are home to permanently shadowed regions that haven’t seen sunlight in billions of years and experience temperatures as low as -334°F (-203°C). consciousness- a rebirth of the cosmos and restoration of The Great Mother- nature. Egypt captures fate and destiny. We resurrect the sacred powers of the great temples of the cosmos. Here our fate and destiny are changed.


12&13 October – 10 Hours 2 Days ONLINE


These ancient gateways and recognized sacred vectors have phenomenal unwavering change upon us as human beings. We are called to places of mysticism where there is no language that can articulate what we see or feel. We are called to follow the mystic’s journey. What prepares us are forces of nature that are birthed in these portals between god and humanity.

These are the ultimate gateways to and from the stars. Know as sacred places, places of visions, places of prophesies, places of divinity, places of spirit, places of devotion, places of sacred earth, places of sacred water, places of contact, places of entrances to other worlds, places of time, places of indigenous people, places of legends, places of myths, places of miracles, places of the gods.

Ancient Egypt is a Predeluvian mega-ark library. Inter-dimensional gateways to ancestors, benevolent gods and star races that guide, serve and protect our human story. This is the architecture of reincarnation and sovereign evolution. The goddess travels us to the creation story on Earth. Time, extraterrestrial contact, reincarnation and meta-physics generate in our human journey, when we, initiate and understand what has been left behind in history and legacy for us.

Part 11



Receive powerful soul transmissions, sacred prayers, teachings and next level healing throughout the event. You meet the Gods. During these challenging times and denser matrix and collective manipulation we are eroding our connection with creation. Often we do not know what to do to assist. We have decreased abilities to heal and listen. The connection with the gods in sacred gateways activates spiritual intelligence, healing, awakening, imagination, dreams, emotional intelligence, resource for manifestation and intelligent action no matter how challenging living in the matrix is. Often we are imbalanced living in the matrix and require pure miracles materialised in ancient gateways. You will decipher illusion and land in a reality gateway that impacts existence and legacy of service to family and communities.

When our emotional intelligence is scientifically evolved and spiritually protected, the sovereignty of humanity, consciousness and evolution is protected.

Ancient Egypt is key in revolutionizing and protecting existence in a science, legacy and pre-history of Atlantis. The Ancient Egyptians are sovereign protectors of the ark records of our human and universal history and pre-history.

We know an incredibly interesting connections between Egypt and Japan. The village of Asuka is also known to be an ancient land with historical interest. It has its origins in the Tumulus Period (250-552 AD), also called Kofun jidai, which means Old Mound period. This era of Japanese history is characterised by a particular type of burial mound that was popular at the time; specifically key shaped earthen mounds surrounded by moats. However, the newly-discovered step pyramid is quite different to those that have already been found. Here we also find a zodiac that suggest pre-history knowledge on evolution and time. I publicly shared this discovery in my research and work at Asuka and in Egypt. The zodiacs contain intelligence on end times, creation story and humanity”s current crisis of evolution. During your Egypt pilgrimage you are initiated to transform 26,000 years of unsolved incarnations.


21&22 December - 2 Days 10 Hours ONLINE & Q&A


In Egypt there is extensive evidence that supports comprehensive understanding of a legitimate science of soul (Modern Psychology) that is documented by historical evidence of incarnation, reincarnation, journeys of soul, soul protection (therefore positive and negative ET agendas), time and eternity. There are particular dynasties of interest particularly the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Dynasties. Nefertari who is biologically related to the Amarna Dynasty of Nefertiti, Akhenaten and Tutankamun. Here there is a renaissance and revolution of pre-history and protection of sovereign bloodlines, protected by positive universal alliances. In fact, the star gate locations of a plethora of ancient Egyptian monuments suggest not only a science, protocol and protection on the architecture of soul, time and evolution.

Ash, identified the Central Sun prophesy at Temple of Hathor, Dendara in 2011 when she progressed her mission to protect human consciousness, time and evolution through ancient gateways science, preservation and activism. These ancient gateways confirm ET alliance origins in our own creation story, and absolutely that of relevant royal legacies where hybridization took place.

This also takes us into the advanced biologically technological features of Egypt’s star-gates, ancient architectural knowledge and building. It takes theory on pyramids to revolutionary and currently non-mainstream theory on evolution.

*Retreat information will be announced to applicants as soon as determined.

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