Honouring The Gods at Mt Fuji 【Online】 Tracey Ash

Honouring The Gods at Mt Fuji 【Online】 Tracey Ash

판매 가격
세금이 포함됨

Honouring The Gods at Mt Fuji (Online)Tracey Ash

A Miracle Retreat Event of Ceremony,
Prayers and Sacred Teachings

Ash brings her sacred teachings on evolution to Japan. She is mystic
and visionary.

This very special event brings Ash to meet and honour you at beloved
Mount Fuji, in sacred ceremonies of healing, destiny, service and
prayers for a greater humanity and world.

She is a unique gatekeeper and bridge between worlds. With a stunning
record of sacred gateways activation across the world and service to
humanity since 1999, she has activated portals and miracles of
healing, awakening and contact. In 2018, she was invited to The United

This weekend answers your questions, concerns and challenges on
healing and peace within our world.  We gather to make a difference
for individual and collective.

Why join this retreat?

You meet Ash in person and receive powerful soul transmissions, sacred
prayers, teachings and new era healings throughout the event. Ash is a
miracles, esoteric and quantum field master and wisdom keeper.
You honour and meet the Gods In ceremony. During these challenging
times and denser matrix and collective manipulation we are eroding our
connection with creation. Often we do not know what to do to assist.
We have decreased abilities to heal, vision and listen. The connection
with the gods in sacred gateways activates spiritual intelligence,
healing, awakening, imagination, dreams, emotional intelligence,
resource for manifestation and intelligent action no matter how
challenging living in the matrix is. Often we are imbalanced by living
in the matrix and require pure miracles materialised in ancient
gateways. This is why sacred retreat and restoration is critical. You
will decipher illusion and land in a reality gateway that impacts
existence and legacy of service to family and communities. You finally
learn to heal.
Contacting The Gods- this is revolutionary contact at his best.
Activate and protect vision, prophesy and soul path confirmation. We
are immersed in new era wisdom and activate new time lines.
Enter radical purification and healing processes for new era evolution
and creation on earth. Here we restore sacred values systems and build
a new humanity in intelligence and integrity.
You will be initiated, upgraded and calibrated to new era
consciousness, intelligence and potential. These teachings and
activations will be integrated into your daily life to manifest
powerful change.
This is a miracles-focused event to manifest and progress the power
and presence of miracles within your life. We dedicate to pray for and
serve light on earth. You will experience miracle after miracle as we
enter the gateways of Honouring The Gods. This is a revolution in
purification of the matrix.
Ash teaches it is ONLY through genuine sacred experiences can we
return the sovereignty, freedom and peace.
This is a revolutionary event to share Ash’s legacy in Ancient Egypt
where she talks with the Gods on sacred evolution to solve our current
evolution crisis.
The sacred power and intelligence of your soul will be activated. This
introduces you to a solid foundation of Ash’s teachings on evolution,
reality and what is taking place now.  Consistent pathways of prayer
and protocols to evolve you as a powerful sacred catalyst of spiritual
revolution on earth. This is the service of awake humanitarians,
futurists, light-workers, celestial beings, earth angels, indigos,
star-seeds. We build new structures to build a new humanity and earth,
in a definitive return to the gods.


Time Schedule:

★The online event will be live streaming the following workshops.
Not all programs will be delivered.

■November 5 (Saturday) 15:30-17:30(Japan Time)
Workshop (online participation)

A high level purification for the state of global spiritual crisis will be conducted, followed by a Power Activation Ceremony to ignite the light of the Stargate of Mt.

■Sunday, November 6 10:00-12:00 (Japan Time)
Workshop (online participation)

'Activation Ceremony of the Gods, unprecedented Light Ceremony with Global Earth Grid Activation of 7 symbolic Stargates'

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Price: $180US


Online participation method: ZOOM

* We will deliver the recording to all applicants after the event! Even those who cannot participate in real time.

* The content of the project is subject to change. Please note.

【Tracey Ash Profile

Ash demonstrates why she has been invited to IONS & The United Nations. Ash is a heavyweight intuitive, channel, healer, prophet and oracle. 

Ash is a new era visionary, events conceptualist and activist. She combines business innovation, mysticism and international speaking. She unites ancient Egypt and evolution. She lives on ancient gateways in Egypt with her husky, Anubis Bowie,  tracking history that redefines our human legacy and potential.  She is creator of Habu Hotel EcoLodge and The Ark Abusir



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