【lump sum payment】6-session series by Gordon Smith: Starting on September 6th.

【lump sum payment】6-session series by Gordon Smith: Starting on September 6th.

판매 가격
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Indriyasaṃvara :“Purification of the Six Roots Perception”:
To purify the five sensory senses from the outside world to open the sixth sense.

in this course you will be sharpening the sixth sense, learning its mechanism, healing. Gordon will access your consciousness through brain waves in this six-session series to open each ability. The main windows to the outside world are the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin. They are connected to the five Clair senses: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairsalience, and Clairtangency. These senses deeply affect the mind consciousness, and brain at their end. By activating these five routes and opening the sixth route, you will connect with Yourself, heaven and higher beings.”

“If I am to awaken, my eyes will discern the truth, and my ears will be open even to whispers on the wind.”

We live our lives as if blindfolded and with earplugs. We are lost in noise and confused by so much  information, forgetting our natural state. This is a constraint that has been with us since we were born into this physical body. However, many predecessors have been released from this framework to some extent or even greatly. They are the awakened ones, the prophets, the elite psychics and mediums. Of course, there are many people who live ordinary lives with these abilities as well, but this time we will learn about each ability through Gordon Smith, who is active as a top medium, using his brainwaves. There are lectures, healing sessions, and exercises for each ability. Over six sessions, we will learn carefully and expand our consciousness by activating our spiritual sensors from the sensory organs that decline with age as physical organs to function as spiritual sensors.

【”Sixth Sense” in the West and “Six Roots” in Japan】 The movie “The Sixth Sense” was a shocking film There were rumors that “there was someone on the production team who could see things.” But what’s even more surprising is that Japan has a word for “six roots purification.” Japanese people know this as a sense of purifying the six roots (five organs + consciousness). Six roots purification is a Buddhist concept, and Japan has an animistic sense, and its spirituality has developed uniquely. The roots (power, root) of the five senses serve as a window to the outside world and spread out like roots of a plan. In Japan, there is a saying “bug alert” which means  premonition. They are also one of the senses of the sixth sense. On the other hand, in the West, there is a concept of sixth sense and various clairs (meaning full of light and clarity). Wisdom (essence) has been passed down like this regardless of language or era.

The Six Roots and Purification
The six roots are the foundation of human perception and the sensors that connect us to the outside world. They consist of five organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body/skin) and an indescribable sense that transcends them (mind consciousness or brain). Purification is the cleansing of these roots. The word “indria” in Sanskrit means power. The roots are sensory organs that connect us to the world.

When the six roots are purified and sharpened:

Eyes: The window to the soul. Distinguishes good from evil, beauty from ugliness, and makes life more colorful. Ears: Listens to the voice (message) of everything and sometimes receives oracles.

Nose: Becomes sensitive to deliberation like antennas standing up.
Tongue: Increases vitality. Becomes good at healing people’s hearts with words.
Body: Enhances tactile sensation and increases the ability to heal by touch.

Mind: Integrates control of physical sensations and unlocks the potential of the mind, consciousness, and brain. Access to invisible consciousness becomes possible.

【5 Clair Senses and Sixth Sense】
・Clairvoyance: Also known as the “mind’s eye,” it allows one to see the essence of things without being misled by a person’s clothing or appearance. It is the ability to capture the essence of things visually.
・Clairaudience: The ability to hear people’s true intentions or even the voices of the dead. It is the ability to receive messages as sounds or voices.
・Clairtangency (psychometry): People with strong tactile senses can read information by touching it. They are often good at sensing energy by touching power stones, for example, massage therapists often have a strong sense of touch.
・Clairsalience: The ability to sense spiritual smells. As the phrase “having a good nose” suggests, it is the ability to discern things spiritually. In detective dramas, for example, one can use this unique sense of smell to determine whether something is true or false, such as “this case smells fishy” or “there’s something fishy about him.”
・Clairgustance: The ability to sense spiritual tastes and energy. Even famous chefs can feel uncomfortable with dishes they make when they are in a bad mood. It is the ability to communicate with the outside world through taste. As other organs develop in adulthood, this ability alone is not used as much.

Sixth Sense: A super-sensory ability that includes “somehow know” that transcends the five organs and five senses. It is important to use this power in a healthy state of mind and consciousness (brain). It is expressed in many words such as “receiving bug alerts” “having a flash of inspiration” and “having a premonition.” Clair senses include clairsentience (inspiration), claircognizance (spiritual knowledge) and clairempathy (spiritual empathy).

【Summary of the event】
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Wednesday 6 September, Wednesday 4 October, Wednesday 1 November, Wednesday 6
December 2023
Wednesday 3 January and Wednesday 7 February 2024

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