Summer Solstice Online Ceremony in the world
Summer Solstice Online Ceremony in the world
  • 이미지를 갤러리 뷰어에 로드 , Summer Solstice Online Ceremony in the world
  • 이미지를 갤러리 뷰어에 로드 , Summer Solstice Online Ceremony in the world

Summer Solstice Online Ceremony in the world

판매 가격
세금이 포함됨

Prayers from the World Sacred Spots
6/21 Summer Solstice Online Ceremony in the world

2021 Summer Solstice will be on Monday June 21st. There are various customs and festivals around the world and in Japan. Although we wish to attend these festivals, we are restricted due to Covid-19 catastrophe, and because of this timing, we are delighted to announce this miraculous ceremony that will be held for a one day!

6/21 Summer Solstice Online Prayer Ceremony in the world

【Summer Solstice】
The longest day of the year in Japan.
And in the Northern Hemisphere it will be Winter Solstice.
There are many countries and traditions that feel special energy on this day, and there are festivals and ceremonies all over the world.
This year we are still going through Covid-19 catastrophe, but due to this pandemic we are able to collaborate with 6 countries and most of them are from Sacred Places!! There will be ceremonies and prayers and participatory work.
Think about this.
Even if you were able to visit Machu Picchu in Peru next year, you will not be able to attend Meditation class in Denmark if you don’t know how to do astral projection.
Even more so for 6 countries.
United States (Sacred Space of Native American), Japan, Nepal, Machu Picchu of Peru and Denmark will be connected through online and we will cross our hearts together.
Please image this as traveling with a miracle first class ticket.
Our thoughts will be shared with the world and then through out the glove.
And you will connect with yourself and heaven and earth.
Please receive the power of Native American Ceremony and the power of Inti Raymi.
But this year of 2021 on summer solstice day, you can experience in one day:
A live “Heart Sutra” by a Buddhist vice priest of Rinzai-shu, Kaizenji temple in Imabari, Yakushiji Kanho Kissaquo.
From Denmark, BIRGITTE who will navigate meditation and sound healing.
Iron Eagle Joe, who is American Apache Medicine Man will ignite at a “Special Ceremony”.
From Nepal, we have CHANDRA HARI KAYASTHA who has been giving seminars and workshops around the world. He will navigate “Detox and Healing for the mind and body”. And from Sacred Mountain of Machu Picchu we have Inca Shaman, Jorge Luis Delgado giving “Inner Sun (Heart Sun) Activation” seminar.

This was a sudden project, but as we are experiencing what we never imagined, but this unfolds with the spirit of working this out together to connect the world. Which truly is the miracle ceremony!
"I have never had such a fulfilling day."
We hope that you will feel this way, and we will hold this event in prayer for world peace.

【Guests & Time schedule】

※Please note that there may be changes regarding contents and time.
※Please note that if communication becomes impossible due to technical error, the viewing will slide to record viewing and not live.

【Stage 1】10:00〜11:10 Japan Time
Iron Eagle Joe / American Apache Medicine Man

【Stage 2】13:00〜13:15 Japan Time
Yakushiji kanho Kissaquo/Buddhist Monk

【Stage 3】13:30〜15:00 Japan Time

【Stage 4】18:00〜19:00 Japan Time
Jorge・Luis・Delgado/Peru Shaman

【Stage 5】19:30〜20:30 Japan Time
BIGETTI/Danish Shaman

【Stage 6】21:00〜22:00 Japan Time
Gordon Smith/Medium

Details Below

Stage 1/10:00〜11:10 Japan Time
Iron Eagle Joe/American Apache Medicine Man


Iron Eagle Joe is a Medicine Man of Apache. He has been sharing wisdom that was passed on through Native American. In 2015, he was invited as a representative for Red color person for 5 color people ceremony at Heitate Jingu Shrine. This shrine is the origin of the emperor and well respected.
At a retreat center in US, Iron Eagle Joe does counceling and healing using traditional natural medicine and giving ceremonies using herbs and sweat lodge. During each ceremony, he uses Medicine songs, Indian drum, Indian flute which is the key to approach attendees deep inside through various sounds.
“Apache” reminds us “Worrier” but Iron Eagle Joe is “LOVE” itself. He mesmerizes those who meet him.

After 2015, he has been in Japan several times giving lectures or “Native American Teachings”, Sweat Lodge, Sound Healing and mini concerts. He has been sharing his lineage wisdom to Japanese “Brothers and Sisters”. Currently, he has online classes for Japanese.

Ignite the “holly fire” and hold a special ceremony.

・Summer Solstice Ceremony
・Igniting holly fire
・Ritual for all 4 directions
・Indian drum, Indian flute
・Medicine song chanting
・Indian weed Ceremony

Stage 2/13:00〜13:15 Japan Time
Yakushiji kanho Kissaquo/Buddhist Monk


Born in 1797. A monk and musician.
Vice priest of Kazenji Temple, Rinzai sect, Imabari City.
In 2018, he released the album “Heart Sutra” which was arranged with voice layers of Heart Sutra.

The videos related to this album is uploaded through YouTube and other SNS and there were more than 50 million accesses.
Through the great response in Asia, he went on an Asian tour in 2018 and 2019.
There were more than 10,000 audiences in about 2 years.
From Japan to Asia, then to the world, he connects with people and conveys Buddhism through sound.

”Heart Sutra” Live

Stage 3/13:30〜15:00 Japan Time


Three years working experience as a Managing Director in Chandra
enterprises, Bhaktapur, Nepal
Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Treking Guid, Sound
Therapist in Purna Yoga Treks and Reiterate Pvt. Ltd. Pokhara

Yoga Teacher Training in Patanjali Yogpieeth (Trust), Hardwar, India
Patanja Yoga Samiti Bhaktapur, Nepal

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Kaivalya yoga, Thamel, Kathmandu
Basic Physiotherapy Training in Sahara Maitri Samuha, Bhaktapur, Nepal
REIKI 1 Level, Ananda yoga Centre Nepal ( 2056 poush )
REIK 2 Level Ananda yoga Centre Nepal ( 2057 shrawan)
Training Of Training's (TOT): Personal Training Academy, Jawlakhal,
Trekking Guides Training: Nepal Academy of Tourism And Hotel
Management(NATAHM), Kathmandu, Nepal
Professional Experience:
1. Singing Bowls Training: Himalayan Singing Bowls canter, Boudha,
Kathmandu Nepal.
2. Nirakar Nature Healing And Singi And Bowls Centre, Parish – France.
3. Sound yoga ( Manan Welles Centre) , New Delhi – India
4. Kavalya Yoga (Spiritual Science And Research Organization ) Thamel,
Kathmandu- Nepal , 20 Hours professional Singing bowls Therapy and
Meditation Courses
Traveling Experience:
1. European union ( Hungary, Germany,
Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia , Republic ) [For Teaching yoga
2. European union: (Hungary, Italy,
Switzerland, Monaco, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg,
Netherlands) [ for, Teaching yoga, Meditation and sound therapy ]
3. European union: ( Hungary, Slovakia,
Slovenia, Italy , Portugal, Spain, Germany , Denmark) [For Teaching yoga
meditation and sound therapy ]
4. China - Hubei province [ for sound healing purposes]

“Singing Bowl” is well known for sound healing in Japan.
It is also popular in Japan for it’s high healing effects as well as meditation and yoga to make peace with mind.
Singing Bowl has scale. If you play multiple bowls at once, it will create chord. The frequency from the bowl resonates with the frequency of the body. When you start meditation from a relaxed sate, than you will feel clear after the healing.

CHANDRA HARI KAYASTHA, who is a yoga teacher and singing bowl player of Nepal, also holding seminars and workshops around the world, will navigate mind and body’s detox and healing. This will be held on the day when the sun energy is maximized, Summer Solstice.
① Yoga
② Meditation
③ Sound Healing(Singing Bowl)

Stage 4/18:00〜19:00 Japan Time
Jorge・Luis・Delgado/Peru Shaman


Jorge・Luis・Delgado gave birth to sage’s family and had many mystical experience since youth. Jorge’s mother was a healer, so he learned Shamanic knowledge from his mother, than later on he was trained by Kallawaya Shaman of Lake Titicaca who has the lineage of the Andes sages and was also trained by the elder of Q’ero, who is the last descendant of Inca.

Jorge is master of tradition and spirituality and Inca culture and has been holding workshops in North America, Latin America and Europe.
Recognized around the world as a great master of Inca philosophy, spirituality and tradition. In the Inca tradition, there is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds. Jorge is the bridge between the two worlds (Charna). While he tells us that a new consciousness is awakening, he protects ancient knowledge and uses it to help people heal. The anecdote that Jorge dreamed of a window to another dimension and later discovered the famous Arammur Gate (a window to another dimension in the Ayumarka Mountains in southern Peru) is still widely spoken.
Jorge is a guide for the 10th Pachacuti (the one who shakes the world and the one who reshapes the world) in this era when the world is undergoing cataclysm. He is also a founding member of the Andean secret society Brotherhood of Solar Disc. He is also known worldwide as a guide to the Sacred Valley and the Andean Plateau.
He attended a historic rally with elders in the Americas and the Brotherhood of the Light at Lake Titicaca, and reconnected with them to the legendary solar disk. The legendary sun disk is the gateway to feminine energy on Earth, which is said to be beneath the holy waters of Lake Titicaca.
Jorge also opened the Earth's Heart Center to Oneness by activating the solar disk. According to Jorge, activating the solar disk brings us the fire of life, ether, and sublime energy. Bringing vitality, joy, and happiness to Mother Earth will invigorate and purify everyone.

Summer Solstice Live Seminar from the Holy Mountains of Machu Picchu
By Jorge・Luis・Delgado, the lineage of the Inca shaman
"Inner Sun (Heart Sun) Activation"

The summer solstice (June 21st) is said to be a turning point where energy switches. Therefore, many spiritual leaders say that this day is the beginning of the "Era of the Wind" in earnest. On June 21st, the day of the summer solstice, we will deliver a live seminar "Inner Sun (Heart's Sun) Activation" by Jorge Luis Delgado from the holly mountain of Machu Picchu, the sacred place of the Inca civilization.
Jorge・Luis・Delgado, who held a seminar in Japan (sponsored by ELAURA) in 2018, has a shaman and healer mother of the Aymara tribe, the successor to the wisdom of the Inca tradition. Mr. Delgado holds the ceremony at "Mountain (Apas)" adjacent to Machu Picchu. In the Inca tradition, the sacred mountain is called "Apus" and is respected as having a high spirit. The “Apu” with the last “s” taken off “Apu” is a God, so you can see how the Incas, who are mountain tribes, sanctified the mountains.

<Seminar Content>
・ Sacred energy will be delivered through the holy mountain of Machu Picchu as an oscillator.
・ We will guide you in an easy-to-understand manner on how to receive energy.
-The core place to receive the energy is the "inner sun" at the center of the "heart" and "soul as a light body".
-When you receive energy, the "inner sun" of the heart and the soul will be activated.
-As a result, consciousness will change, our purpose of existence (the mission of life) in this reality will become clear, and the integration of the heart, soul, body, and mind will accelerate.
・ And you will live more powerfully in the new era of wind.
<Strengthen connections with the universe and star people!>
Latin American countries, led by Peru, are constant in UFO sightings. Delgado says the reason is that northern Peru to Mount Shasta in the United States is the most powerful "ley line"(path of energy) on the planet.
There are many ancient ruins on these ley lines, and of course those ruins and the Star People are deeply involved.

By participating in this seminar and activating the heart and soul with holy energy, the connection with the universe and star people will be strengthened, and it will be easier to incorporate that wisdom into everyday life. Of course, there is a good chance that star people will guide you and support your life powerfully.

On June 21st, the day of the summer solstice, let's rejuvenate the sacred heart’s realm and soul!
And let's deepen the bond with the universe and star people, and enjoy the wind era that starts in earnest from the summer solstice (June 21st)!

<Recommended seminar to those…>
・ who wants to activate the heart and live more powerfully.
・ who wants to live in the wind era more smoothly and happily.
・ who wants to strengthen the connection with the universe and star people.
・ who wants to experience the sacred energy of Machu Picchu. etc.

Stage 5/19:30〜20:30 Japan Time
BIRGETTE/Danish Shaman


Meditator and Shaman.
Danny, an official witch of Denmark was a long-time friend and BIRGITTE came to Japan with Danny.
Danny lived in the woods by herself and lived with nature but has aged with disease and passed away 2 months ago.
BIRGITTE herself was exploring meditation and connect deeply with Nature as a Shaman and was influenced by Danny the witch. BIRGITTE is seeking and living the life of Shaman.
TRINITY editorial assumes that Dannie has left something to BIRGITTE as she was taking care of her.
Also, TRINITY Editorial had the honor to meet Dannie the witch in North Europe and in Japan and experienced her overflowing love and her giving spirits.
We think through BIRGITTE, we will be gifted white witch energy through those who need this. After Dannie’s transition, this will be the first gathering to feel her energy.
BIRGITTE can be pronounced Brigitte.
Brigit is the Goddess of Fire.
BIRGITTE is silent and does not assertive, but sincerely kind and have integrity.
Perhaps this is the quality of fire Goddess.

Navigating your inner journey and lead to your guardian animal.

We will be holding the most powerful work by BIRGITTE and you will experience inner journey. Through this guidance, each person will have their own mystical experience. The animal that protects you or which is related to you will arise and you may also receive message or feel them. Some of you may not find your animal, but you will find changes through this inner journey work.
In addition to the work, we will also have a performance for this day.

【Message from BIRGITTE】

Stage 6/21:00〜22:00 Japan Time
Gordon Smith/Medium



Medium, writer
World top medium. Born in Scotland in1962. Originally started his career as a barber and while offering reading to people so many people came to see him. Now stopped working at the hair salon and working as a spirit messenger to offer demonstration of mediumship in UK and in the world, lectures and seminars, where many celebrities came to see him. He has experience at spiritualist churches in UK to communicate with deceased loved ones and gave messages to their friends and relatives who come to the churches.

He is the author of “Healing from the Spiritual World”, “Why do bad things happen?” and many more books.


comming soon

Date: Monday, June 21, 2021 10: 00-20: 30(JST: Japan Standard Time)
Participation fee: 1-day ticket US$35
Free entry and exit at your convenience.

How to participate: Online (live stream by ZOOM)
* We will deliver the recording to all applicants after the event! Even those who cannot participate in real time ◎

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[Important matters for online participation]
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Prayers from the World Sacred Spots
6/21 Summer Solstice Online Ceremony in the world
2021 Summer Solstice will be on Monday June 21st. There are various customs and festivals around the world and in Japan. Although we wish to attend these festivals, we are restricted due to Covid-19 catastrophe, and because of this timing, we are delighted to announce this miraculous ceremony that will be held for a one day!
Selling price/
7,000 yen (tax included)
Purchase quantity /