The Voyager Tarot Reader Course [ Zoom ONLINE ]

The Voyager Tarot Reader Course [ Zoom ONLINE ]

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The gateway to the Voyager Tarot !

The International Voyager Tarot Reader Certification Course is held online !! This is a great opportunity to learn directly from the founder.

The Voyager Tarot Reader Course is the first step to receive the International Certification directly from Dr. James. Upcoming is The Voyager Tarot Reader Certification Course On Line!

The goal of this Reader Certification Course is to acquire the skills needed to read the Voyager Tarot. Receiving the Certification after completion, you can work as a Certified Voyager Reader. After the course, you can re-watch the recordings to review the course (within a Limited time only).

As for Web Classes (ONLINE), you have the advantage of being able to watch the recordings over and over again, to check them over and learn firmly as a Voyager Tarot Reader. Take this course! Don’t miss this great opportunity!

◆ The planned curriculum ◆
  - Natural Tarot
  - Q&A Reading
  - Life Cards & Year Cards
  - Whole Self Mandala
  - Wheel of Fortune Reading
  - Card-A-Day
  - Daily Spread Record
  - Consultant of Tarot
  - The meanings of the cards
  - Etc…

This course is an international course in which overseas students (English-speaking countries) also participate.

The world-famous top medium also loves the Voyager Tarot !

New Zealand's top medium Kelvin (Photo on left) loves the Voyager Tarot! Met Dr. James for the first time at the Iyashi(Healing) Fair. The Voyager Tarot has been used in his medium reading sessions!

What is Voyager Tarot?

James Wanless, PhD, author of the Voyager Tarot, created this deck with the intention to transform the old tarot card into something unique, so that it can be used in the internationalized modern age of the 21st century.

One of the features of "Voyager Tarot" is the modern-feeling "collage art", which is "one of the contemporary arts born in the early 20th century", as a combination of various kinds of materials to create a piece of art.
That’s why "Voyager Tarot" incorporates spiritual symbols such as "Ancient Egyptian gods and Buddha statues", "toy dolls", and "space photographs and DNA figures", unique to modern times.

This “collage art” is a fusion of all kinds of cultures, ideas, and techniques. "Voyager Tarot" transmits the belief of Dr. James, saying, "Human beings are the YOUniverse (universe), that is why I needed to create Cards that can be used by anyone of any race and any age.”

--- Overview of the Course --- 

Voyager Tarot Reader Class Schedule:
Total in 4 days

Time : 4:00pm to 7:00pm - Pacific Time (in California)   

Date :
 1)  May 4(Wednesday) , 2022
 2)  May 11 (Wednesday)
 3)  May 18(Wednesday)
 4)  May 25 (Wednesday)

* Including breaks
Software: Zoom Online. 
If you don't know how to use it, please contact us. 

Tuition fee :  300 USD

Get the Double Gifts!!
The 2021 TEAM VOYAGER T-shirt will be gifted for the first-comers.

* If you would like to get the professional Reader Certification and Diploma (the Voyager Reader International Certification), you will have to submit the assignments after the course and pay the Certification Fee (20,000 yen).
* If you already have international certification and would like to take the James’ course, we will offer you at half price (35,000 yen).
* James' reading will be covered by a reading demonstration during the course.
* Recording viewing available
* Interpretation available

<The assignments required for the International Certification>
1) Submission of a 30-day of the Card-a-Day Voyager Tarot report (in the case of facebook, submit all the dates you have posted )
2) Submission of a report on 10 hours of actual Readings
(Duplicate readings to the same person are NG.)
3) Submission of Video Recording or audio recorded data of one of the 10-hour readings

* Certificates cannot be obtained for only viewing class recordings. Unless you cannot participate by all means, please register on the premise of participating in the actual class on Zoom.
* Depending on the number of participants, the class time may exceed 3 hours or may end within 3 hours. Please note that the contents covered by that day would be the same.
* Please check how to proceed with your assignments before the 4 days course ends.